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Music KS4 - GCSE

Music  KS4  - GCSE

Subject Content at Key Stage 4

Edexcel Music GCSE

Throughout this course students will be given the opportunity to create a portfolio of solo and ensemble performances as well as compositions that explore various styles and trends within the specification. Students can realise their compositions using live instruments or can opt to produce them using music technology software.

Year 9 – Minimalism, Music Theory, Song Writing and Independent Project

Year 10 – Rock & Pop, Dance Music, Musicals, Minimalism, Expressionism, Folk Music and African Music

Year 11 – Indian Classical Music, The Baroque Era, The Classical Era and The Romantic Era

Edexcel Pearson BTEC Level 1 / 2 Music

A vocational and practical approach to learning more in depth about music. During this course students hone their skills in several key areas such as performing, composing and organising a concert or product. We also take an in depth look into The Music Business where we explore who does what in the music industry and how the job roles inter-relate.

Subject Content at Key Stage 5

Edexcel A Level Music

Detailed exploration of music in the key areas from music history. Students will be expected to go into a much more detailed analysis regarding the set works. Music theory is taken further from GCSE as well as the performing and composition levels.


BTEC Level 3 Nationals in Performance

Students who wish to concentrate heavily on performing skills will choose this subject. Here pupils get to improve skills in improvisation, performing, sight reading, aural skill as well as working with music technology. Topics are practical and based on real life scenarios such as preparing an audition tape, conducting radio interviews, teaching music within the community etc. There are many subject areas and the student can choose which skills they would like to develop or improve upon.


Edexcel GCSE Music Specification:

Peter Rossiter – Music Subject Leader

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