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Textiles Technology lessons give pupils the opportunity to investigate how well familiar products and objects work. You will learn how to solve problems skilfully, creatively and with imagination using a wide range of materials, tools and equipment.

KS3 - Examples of Textiles Project Work

Year 7 - Design and make a cushion cover

Year 8 - Design and make a novelty hat

Year 9 – Design and make a waistcoat


* A written portfolio of developing design ideas

* A practical project

KS4 - GCSE Home Economics Textiles

At GCSE level we offer a course in Home Economics Textiles.

This GCSE is designed to enable students to develop an awareness and understanding of the part textile products play in everyday life, the design ideas behind their creation and the processes involved in the production of the finished item. There is opportunity to extend and apply skills, knowledge and understanding of textiles and fashion within a variety of contexts.

The course has been developed to enable students to demonstrate their creativity, with the making of textile products a vital feature of the experience. Students will build upon the skills and knowledge developed at Key Stage 3, extending understanding of materials and components, equipment, techniques and processes. Students will learn about design and market influences, and develop product analysis and evaluation techniques. Areas of study also include social, moral, recycling and environmental issues. Students will develop a greater knowledge of health and safety issues in the classroom and workplace as well as learn about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer.

Aims of Course

* The course encourages students to design and make quality products in quantity using a variety of materials, tools and equipment
* To analyse and evaluate products and processes
* Engaging in strategies for developing ideas, planning and producing products
* Considering how past and present designs and technology affect society, relevant to a design and make context
* Recognising the moral, cultural and environment issues inherent in design and technology

What students will learn?

* To select appropriate materials, tools, equipment
* To identify problems and propose various solutions
* To gather and assess information from a variety of sources
* Knowledge and understanding of materials, tools and equipment within the textiles industry

How will they learn?

* By completing various practical tasks in a range of materials and processes
* Designing and making practical projects
* Homework assignments

Topics Covered

* Fibres & Fabrics - classification and production of a range of fibres & fabrics including new and smart textile materials
* Textile Design - self image, design in the home & interior designers
* Construction and decoration of textiles: Fashion trends & influences, fashion designers, construction, decorative techniques
* Consumer Choice - advertising & marketing, research market potential for fashionable garments and textile items for the home


Written Examination

Unit 1: 40% of the final GCSE grade

One written paper lasting 1 hour 30minnutes

Controlled Assessment

Unit 2: 60% of the final GCSE Grade.

The student will complete two controlled assessment tasks which are set by the examination board

Task 1 completed in Year 10 (20%)

Task 2 completed in Year 11 (40%)

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