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Campion is consistently in the top 25% of schools nationally for the progress of our pupils

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Governance and Finances

The Academy trust maintains a register of relevant business and pecuniary interests of members and trustees of the academy.  There are currently no interests declared.  This is also an agenda item at all meetings of the full governing body.

Annual report & Financial Statements 2017

Please click here to view the school's Annual report & Financial Statements 2017.

2016 Report

2015 Report

2014 Report

2013 Report


Please see below the Governors' Organisation chart. 

Campion Governors Organisation Chart ~ January 2018

Members of Campion Academy Trust

Elected Parent Governors

Elected Staff Governors

Governors Appointed by the Trust

Co-opted Governors


Bob Crowther

Fergus Durrant

Jane Scheuer

Stephen Ashworth

Karen O'Reilly


Joanne Floyd (2018)

Karen O’Reilly (2018)

Jane Scheuer (2018)

Adrian Stickley (2018)

Petula Rutland (2019)


Teresa Collins (2019)

Rob Fairbrother (2020)

Roy Ruddlesdin (2020)

Stephen Ashworth (2020)

Bob Crowther (2020)

Fergus Durrant (2020)

Sean Atkinson (2018)

Cllr Terry Shepherd (2020)

Fiona Darby (2021)

Note: last year of governor’s term shown in brackets



Jassa Panesar

Chair: Bob Crowther


Fergus Durrant


Morgan Gore


Harrison, Beale & Owen



Learning & Improvement Committee

Resources Committee

Pupils, Parents & Community Committee

Chairs’ Steering Group

Karen O'Reilly (Chair)

Bob Crowther

Joanne Floyd

Jane Scheuer

Petula Rutland

Fiona Darby

Jassa Panesar; Peter Forsey

Note: Italics shows staff attending

Stephen Ashworth (Chair)

Bob Crowther

Jassa Panesar

Karen O’Reilly

Rob Fairbrother

Adrian Stickley

Cllr Terry Shepherd

Vinay Pathak

Brian Langley

Fergus Durrant (Chair)

Bob Crowther

Sean Atkinson

Teresa Collins

Roy Ruddlesdin

Andy Morris



Bob Crowther (Chair)

Stephen Ashworth

Fergus Durrant

Jassa Panesar

Attendance Governor

Appointed Governors for Head’s Review

Appointment panels

Pupil Discipline panels

Sean Atkinson

Bob Crowther & Fergus Durrant

Bob Crowther to be contacted when governors required

(See Disciplinary Review & Permanent Exclusion Panel Membership 2014-15

Governor Training Governor

Special Needs Governor


Patch Governors

 Teresa Collins

Fergus Durrant

Bob Crowther


Exclusions panels

Health & Safety Governor

Child Protection Governor

(See Disciplinary Review & Permanent Exclusion Panel Membership 2014-15)

Karen O'Reilly

Sean Atkinson


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United Kingdom

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